Top 5 Things I Love About the Rain

top5Looking out my window, it seems like the sky is bathing the West Coast of Canada with glorious liquid sunshine. This morning, I awoke to yet another perfectly gloomy day here in Vancouver, and I couldn’t help but be happy about it (I know, I’m weird sometimes). So I thought I would share the top 5 things I love about the rain since I’m feeling so cheerful about it anyways. I hope you enjoy!

#5 – The luscious aroma of the rain washing the flowers. Because I live in a place with gardens all around, the smell of the flowers can be quite pungent when it rains. The scents of all the beautifully organized flowers fills the air like a natural freshener making me want to take deep, cleansing breathes over and over again.

#4 – How nature uses the rain to scrub our neighborhoods clean once again. Ever looked around on the first day after a big rain session and noticed that everything looks nicer and fresher? That’s probably because the rain has a special way of being nature’s own cleaning system. Ahhhh! Doesn’t that feel nice?

#3 – The rain can be SO romantic if you happen to catch the right moment. Caught in a sudden downpour with a lover or partner? If you’ve not planned anything important, instead of running for cover, take a minute or two to enjoy each other with the sensation of the rain showering upon you. Whether it’s misty out or even if fat droplets are pouring from the sky, kissing or playing around in the rain can be about as romantic as it gets. Take my word for it, if you haven’t already tried it, you should! Mmmmmmn.

#2 – Water brings life to everything we know. Of course, one of the most important reasons to love the rain is that without water, there would be no life. Water is an essential ingredient in sustaining our livelihood here on planet earth, so I think it should be respected and appreciated in a big way.

#1 – It’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book and a cup of joe. Is there anything better than being all snug with the rain pattering on the roof or a window nearby? Not in my books, that’s for sure! It’s my number one choice for this Top 5, and for a good reason too. The idea of catching up on my favourite romance novel and spending the day wrapped in a cozy blanket appeals on so many levels, I love it! The rain brings a sense of peace and harmony that can have you relaxing in no time. It’s no wonder I sometimes pray for a gloomy, wet day! The rain truly is ahhhhh-mazing!!!

Do you love the rain too? No matter how the weather is where you are, I hope you have a great TGIFriday and weekend ahead! Cheers all and we’ll chat again soon!



Top 5 Reasons to Love/Hate Ex-Sex

top5I’ve had a boyfriend for a while now so there has been no ex-sex for me in years. Why would I post a blog about sleeping with an ex, you ask? Well, recently I was listening to one of our local radio hosts (sorry, I didn’t take note of which one) and they were discussing something that caught my attention.

Their idea was that in these modern times, there are more reasons than ever to be involved with an ex partner. Because I tuned in too late and missed out on almost all of the story, I thought it might be fun to blog my thoughts on the subject instead. So, enjoy!

My Top 5 Reasons to Love Ex-Sex

#5 – It can be a great way to take care of your libido until you find a new boyfriend worthy of your glorious pussy. No strings attached (so to speak).

#4 – You may not have to worry as much about contracting STDs from new sexual partners (honesty and safe practices are key here – take care of yourself).

#3 – You’re already comfortable with this partner so that initial awkwardness is non-existent. And the walk of shame is much less terrible when you still have a toothbrush to use at their house, too.

#2 – You don’t have to bother shaving for him since you’ve already given him up. Woot Woot! He probably won’t appreciate this very much, but don’t worry. You won’t care. 🙂

#1 – Dirty sex will not have to be discussed in advance. Your ex already knows your kinks, so you can skip the permissions and get straight down to business.

Top 5 Reasons to Hate Ex-Sex

#5 – The desperation you feel due to the lack of viable men to screw. Ultimately forcing you to sleep with your ex time and time again. What a fun circle of events that is!

#4 – Your ex may look better now than he did when he was with you. Making you wonder why he couldn’t have got off his lazy, fat ass and get it done sooner.

#3 – Old feelings may pop up and catch either party off guard at any time. This can be especially damaging if old issues have not been resolved. In this case, avoiding ex-sex altogether might be the best course of action. Be careful out there, please.

#2 – Your ex may call out someone else’s name during the throes of passion and there’s nothing you can do about it. Ouch. Not much you can do here but cry…

#1 – Your partner is now technically single, so they could be sleeping with someone (anyone) else. Be prepared for strong emotion should you find something like this out. It may catch you off guard and cause a mountain of pain. Good luck to all you exes!

Top 5 Advantages/Disadvantages to Dating an Extremely Handsome Man

top5Hey all! 🙂 Today I thought I’d blog something a little different. Because of the beautiful sunshine, I’m feeling lighter and fluffier this afternoon, so I thought, “why not write fluff too?” lol

Please note that this Top 5 was derived from my experiences in dealing with exceptionally handsome men on both a personal and professional level. They are not the result of hours of internet research, so if there’s anything you’d like to add, please feel free to contribute.

With that said, here is today’s Top 5 List of the advantages to dating an extremely handsome man:

#5 – Waking up in the morning to the most beautiful rippling muscles you’ve ever seen
#4 – Receiving positive smiles all around because you are a “nice looking couple”
#3 – Your children will have a better chance of being good-looking too
#2 – Extra perks & free random gifts everywhere you go
#1 – Your girlfriends may be so transfixed by his good looks that they don’t even notice that he’s a complete asshole

Top 5 disadvantages to dating an extremely handsome man:

#5 – Mr. Good Looking may be so high on himself, he’ll never come down
#4 – Women glare at you with envy when you go out together
#3 – Waitresses are often very nice and smiley to him, but not very friendly to you
#2 – Your girlfriends may be so jealous they’ll do anything to tear your relationship apart
#1 – Random chicks occasionally run up to him and jump into his arms like they never let him go or something – Now I have to say I’m usually fairly polite when this happens (I’m a good girl after all), but what I’d really like to say is, “Get off my boyfriend bitch! I’m standing right fucking here!”

Cheers & have a great day everyone! 🙂

Top 5 Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day

top51 – Chocolates & Flowers

Most guys that I’ve known are smart enough to bring you at least one of these things on Valentine’s Day. Either of which would be welcomed by me with a smile and a sweet kiss.

Chocolate is smooth and sweet and just drips of Valentine’s love. I don’t feel I even have to elaborate about the greatest temptation known to man. Chocolate is just amazing and makes a great V-day gift every time.

Flowers allow your senses to savor in a different way, but their delight lasts longer which is their main appeal. The heady scents and colorful artistry continuously reminds one of the thoughtful sender every time they are sensed. Mmmmmmn.

Fake chocolate or wilted flowers instead? Oooh. I feel for you. Just remember that your partner really didn’t mean to disappoint you and try not to get upset. Be sure to remember this moment next year and try to bring up your love for Purdy’s repeatedly for a solid week beforehand. That might just be enough to get some more favorable results.

Purdy’s Website

2 – Formal Dates

I look forward to nothing more than to get dressed up for my date and to go out on the town for a nice evening of entertainment and leisure. Valentine’s Day is like the Super Bowl for most women in this sense.

It’s the day when love reigns supreme and the regular cycle of a relationship is thrown off to accommodate a renewal of closeness. There’s not a better night suited to appreciate your date. Both of you dressed in your best and out on the town for a romantic evening. Even people who are not overly romantic will bend the rules on this day, so be sure to take advantage of it while it lasts.

If you have a partner that just isn’t into any kind of formal dating, it can be great to keep it casual too. Valentines is the best holiday of the year for that because you can make it happen any way that fits you and your partner specifically. With a little thought, Valentine’s Day can be fun no matter your choice of activity or budget restriction.

The important thing here is to get out there and do something different for the night. To go out on a formal date and enjoy the person you’re with. You never know. Sometimes you’d be surprised at how much even a change of scenery can ignite an inner passion on this day.

3 – Romantic Comedies on TV

For the entire week before Valentines, some TV stations will run romantic comedies and love themed movies. I like to take the time to spend the Sunday before Valentines watching girly movies from bed and calling all my friends for advice on what to wear for the special night.

Or better yet, if you’re single, you can arrange a romantic comedy movie party, pop plenty of popcorn, and sip fancy drinks with your closest girlfriends. What more can I say? Relaxing and awesome. Highly recommended.

4 – Making Valentines

Ok, I’m not a kid in school anymore, so why did this make the list? Because I think that Valentine crafts are awesome! I swear… they really are!! ;P

This year I’ve already made a mountain of Valentines origami and I crafted handmade cards as well. Personal touches are unique and people really appreciate them more than you would think.

A homemade gift is the perfect thing for someone on a tight budget who wants to express their feelings without stretching their wallet. All it takes is a little time and creativity. It’s also CRAZY fun sometimes, so definitely worth picking up at least one project this season.

5 – Valentines Nooky – hehehe!

So all the hard work put in to making handmade gifts and the killer outfit pay off big time and you find yourself wrapping up the greatest evening ever with a hot and sexy tryst in your lover’s bed. Does it get any better than this?!! Congratulations! Lol!

I’m not sure if there is a statistic out there for this, but I’ve always found that sex on Valentines Day may be especially tender and loving. Many guys who are usually too “macho” will allow more of a ‘making love’ type of standard, so intercourse can reach a deeper, more meaningful level on this night.

Sexy lingerie and dripping body chocolate are probably not going to hurt the vibe of this evening, so hopefully you’ve got something out of the ordinary planned for this Valentine’s Day for yourself.

The bottom line? Be sure to enjoy yourself no matter what you do this Valentines day. You deserve a good time, so even if you’re single, get out there and do something special with the person you love.

Feel Free to shout out your Top 5 Reasons to Love Valentines Day, too. I’d love to hear what you have to say about your favorites.

There’s plenty more of my Valentines Special coming up tomorrow, so Hershey kiss wishes for now, everyone.

Have a great Top 5 Tuesday!