Finally, It’s Happened to Me… the Last One, I Promise

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award (Turquoise)


Ok, this is the last one… I swear!!! Four awards in four days was not my original objective but it has been an interesting and entertaining ride none the less, so I’d like to send a big thank you to anyone and everyone who enjoyed this along with me! You’ve all been so great! 🙂 Anyways, here it is in all its glory:

The Rules

1. Display your new award.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

My Thanks

You all can’t see me right now, but I’m totally doing a happy dance to be here at the last award (for at least a little while anyways) and the person I have to thank for this great honor is Shaking The Tree.

Congratulations are in order and I would like to shout out my appreciation to Shaking the Tree for nominating me! I mean really, is there no limit to your awesomeness? Thank you so much! 🙂

Anyways, please spread the love and visit her at:

7 Things About Myself

1. I spend a lot of time walking and chatting with friends. Fresh air smells SO good!
2. I organize and plan so much, at times I frustrate my family members.
3. I’ve created 4 full (and I mean FULL) brochures for my own vacationing pleasure. 🙂
4. I had 368 posters of NKOTB on my walls when I was in highschool. Still love em’.
5. I make crafts a lot (especially at holidays) and decoupage everything.
6. I should have been a graphic artist based on the amount of time I spend editing pics.
7. Drumroll please… Mwahahaha, I have a black Pearl drum kit that I’m dying to set up.

The 15 people I chose to nominate:

1. Life Makeover
2. Rockin the Boat
3. Alice in Training
4. Rainy Days
5. Tom Talks
6. AnAverageFan
7. Sun By The Sea
8. TheLittleSpot
9. Word Salad, Please
10. Bloggin’ my vibe
11. Amanda Steinkey
12. X Marks the Spot
13. pureaffection
14. Here’s to Hoping
15. Life of Lee Lee

Wow, we’ve finally reached the end! Congratulations to all those that I have nominated!
You all have amazing new blogs and deserve this award so much, so I hope you enjoy it!

Goodbye for now, and cheers for more awards to come! 🙂 Thank you so much for being here. 🙂



My Blog’s Very First Advertisement


For the first time today, I was surfing my site and updating things as usual, when all of a sudden I see… dum-dum-dum… my very first advertisement staring back at me!

I asked it what it was doing here and it just tilted it’s big doe eyes at me and blinked innocently. This instantly takes my mind off the situation and for a moment, I actually focussed on the “cuteness” of the advert instead.

It was a handsome little devil with looks so enticing they will transfix you and draw you in immediately. With a cheeky look on its face, my new advertisement finally says to me, “I’m here, I’m cute, and I’m staying unless you want to pay me to go away.” Eff!

It wasn’t very sweet about things, but it did make me think. Should I pay to have this intrusion forever disappear? That’s a tough question, because my site is still so new. Instead, I thought I would try to make it my friend. Yes, that’s what I’ll do – I’ll ply it with compliments and make it welcome here until the day I no longer need it’s affection. Mwhahahaha!

The sweet victory of producing a blog busy enough to warrant an advertisement is a great compliment to me and for that, I will wear each one of them like a badge of honor. So don’t be shy, feel free to click any ad here that catches your fancy. I’m not a selfish person, so sharing the advert-love feels just fine to me [wink].

Now I want to know, have any of you noticed any ads on your blogs? Have you paid to get rid of them? Was it worth it? If you have any info, please feel free to share below.


Another One Bites the Dust – Inspirational Blogger Award

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award (White)


The Rules

1. Display your new award.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

My Thanks

I would like to send an elephant sized thank to the amazing blogger who nominated me for this award! Please visit Ky Grabowski because she’s a real peach and her site delights with some sugar on top! Seriously though, next time, I’m sending her a cape because of the superhero sized kindness she has!

You can visit her at:

7 Things About Myself

1. I often watch the history channel because I find it fascinating.
2. Because I’m Canadian, I say ‘eh’ a lot. And yea… I really do!
3. My cat is very smart and demands everything under the sun… Meow!
4. I took Geology in College and am obsessed with rocks of all kinds.
5. I was a finalist for a new reality show, but in the end I didn’t make it. Boooo!
6. I’m a big girl gamer! Oh yea!!!
7. I’m really old school in that I still use my VCR. Oh yea, it’s still relevant to me! 😉

The 15 people I chose to nominate:

1. Just Fuffy 
2. Fancy Little Talk 
3. lostinadreamland
4. Lilac`s Bourbon 
5. Umami So Fat
6. A Perfect Portion
7. Lady Annie
8. Waterbug
9. One Little Lizard
10. Somewhere you can openly ask questions
11. Ravyn’s Ramblings
12. Life of a Teenager
13. Fashion Identity
14. Rose Card-Faux
15. Coconuts & Clean Eating

So there you have it! Congratulations to all those that I have nominated!
You all have amazing new blogs & deserve this award so much, so I hope you enjoy it!
Cheers! 🙂


Oops, I Did it Again! Liebster Loves Me.

The Award: Liebster Blog (Red Heart)


Liebster Blog Award Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer the eleven questions they asked you
3. Nominate eleven other people (must be under 200 followers)
4. Ask them eleven questions in return

My Thanks

I often visit a site who’s author creates great imagery with their words; so I would like to thank Wild Heart Scribe for this amazing nomination. If you are looking for fantastic poems with rhythm or witty personal experiences, please drop by and visit! You’ll be super glad you did! 🙂

11 Questions Asked of me

1. What is the most surprising thing about you?
I have an obsession (and I mean OBSESSION) with floating on the water. I’ve also crabbed and fished my whole life. Funny that I seem like such a girly girl, eh? [giggles]
2. What is your favorite movie of all time and why?
Cool Runnings. You know, the movie about the Jamaican bobsled team…Does it seem odd to you that I would pick this movie in particular? Well, I love it because it makes me cry my eyes out every time!!! Go Jamaica!!!
3. What is your most defining experience to date?
Being awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Coast Guard of Canada.
A HUGE honour! 🙂
4. If money were no object, how would you most like to spend a Saturday night?
I’d pack up an RV and head somewhere with a view of the water… Ahhhh-mazing!
5. What is the most difficult challenge you have had to overcome?
Learning to love myself enough to know I’m worthy of a great things! 🙂
6. What is your secret obsession?
Oops. Already told this one in question 1 by accident. Good thing I have a few obsessions… anyways, I’ve made like 3 kusudama’s in the last month. Origami is another passion of mine, that you might not expect. Hehe!
7. If you were going cross-country by train, what book (s) would you take?
I wouldn’t. I’d take a laptop, my Nintendo DS, my mp3 player, and a magazine instead. All bases covered that way. Lol.
8. What is your favorite thing to eat when no one is looking?
I’m not one to hide food or anything like that, but I would have to say candy is my weakness.
9. If you could choose another language to speak, what would it be?
I would learn to speak Igbo so I could chat with my boyfriend in 2 languages! 🙂
10. If you had to describe yourself in 5 words, which 5 would you choose?
Organized, Fun, Outgoing, Giggly, and Intelligent
11. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?
My mentor found me a dream job which made me quite successful when I was very young. I’ll always appreciate her for that. She also taught me how to bring out the “inner mother”. Thanks, Lily!

My 11 Nominees:

Congratulations to each and every one of the amazing new bloggers below! They are the talented new blog sites that I have chosen for this Liebster Award. So if they are on this list, they have great content and style to boot!

If you are one of the lucky ones and your name is listed below, I hope you like your new Liebster Award because you deserve it!! If for some reason you decide not to make nominations for yourself, please feel free to just accept this award as recognition for a job well done because you rock! 😉

With that said, a big cheers goes out to:

1. It’s past my bedtime
2. Nina`s
3. Honest Dose
4. Five Senses and Coffee
5. missmugsalot 
6. rivers and roads
7. Nyaa Talk
8. World Earth Peace 
9. Not Too Jazzy
10. Seeking Sondra
11. foodoveraddicted

The 11 Questions for My Nominees

1. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’re willing to admit?
2. Are you a leader or a follower?
3. What relaxes you the most?
4. What is your favourite food and why?
5. Do you believe in destiny or fate?
6. What is the most shocking thing you’ve seen on the net lately?
7. If you had to be a Disney character, which one would you be?
8. What’s your favourite WordPress blog?
9. What one thing do you miss the most from childhood?
10. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
11. Pretend I’m you’re genie… if you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

Anyways, we’ve reached the end, so I hope you enjoy your Liebster Award!

Cheers to all and I will see you again soon! 🙂


I’m a Liebster Award Winner!

Liebster Blog Award

Liebster Award Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer the eleven questions they asked you
3. Nominate eleven other people (must be under 200 followers)
4. Ask them eleven questions in return

My Thanks

First and foremost, I would like to send a big warm thanks to reocochran for nominating me for this Liebster Award. I am thrilled that she returned the favour and honoured me this way (I’ve secretly wanted this for a while now)! Please be sure to visit her site. It is truly inspiring, full of wonderful stories, and amuses me on a daily basis. 🙂 Thanks again, reocochran!

11 Questions Asked of me

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you in bed with a lover?
Hehehee – sorry, I’m minding my own business on this one. Please feel free to use your imagination though. [wink]
2. Would you rather date a homeless person with a heart of gold or a rich oil tycoon with a bad temper who kills all your house plants and hates your cat? Why?
I can’t deal with cat haters and I can kill my own plants, so I’ll have to choose the homeless person. Gotta say, both options suck, though.
3. What did you dream last Sunday night?
I only dream occasionally and I can never remember them anyways, so I have no clue.
4. What is your favorite rom com movie and why?
Favourite romance? Hmmmmn… There are SO many! Ok, Never Been Kissed (1999) – Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, need I say more?
5. Would you rather abstain from sex or meat for a year if you had to choose only one?
Honestly, I think I’d give up the meat. Sex is awesome and I’m practically a vegetarian anyways, so it’s kind of a no-brainer.
6. Tell us about a life or death situation when you didn’t think you would make it?!
Wow. Wish I could say that I haven’t been in this situation, but one time I had to veer into oncoming traffic while going around a corner on the deadly Squamish Highway. To make matters worse, it was pouring rain and the traffic was heavy at the time. My quick reflexes saved us in the end, but I had to pull over and sit for 30 minutes after that because I was shaking so badly. 
7. Do you feel like you have a “one that got away”?
Not at the moment. I love my boyfriend with all my heart so he’s the only big ass man I currently have my heart set on.
8. If you had to pick one song to be your personal anthem, what would it be?
The Naughty Song by Cory Lee. If you know me, you know this fits. [giggle]
9. Describe the best experience you’ve had as a blogger when a stranger has reached out to you about your blog.
I’m pretty new to all of this, but I’m quickly finding so much more than I ever expected here on WordPress. I can’t wait to know what heights we can all reach! It’s really amazing!
10. Have you ever had a romantic encounter that was so fantastic it should have been in a movie? What the heck happened?
Definitely! I’m going to keep this one to myself though because it is really incredible and deserves so much more than just a few lines here. Let’s just say I’ve had many interesting relationships in my life. 🙂
11. If you could eat dim sum off of any naked male celebrity over 60, who would it be?
Can I choose Kevin Bacon even though he’s only 55? To be honest, I love dim sum so much, I’m not sure I would even notice who it was anyways. LOL. Yummy!!!

My 11 Nominees:

Congratulations to each and every one of the wonderful new bloggers below! They are the up and comers that I have chosen for this award! Please know that if I nominated you, it’s  deserved, so please enjoy your prize whether you choose to nominate others or not.

Anyways, I hope you all love your Liebster Awards! A big cheers to:

1. Miz Lulu (Miz Lulu ironically went down while I was posting this – sorry)
2. All The Cookies!
3. Inner Ramblings
4. Moonlitlilly
5. Beatriiice
6. Solelong
7. helloitskristen
8. CrochetinginCanada 
9. Fashion and Beauty 101
10. To See the World in a Grain of Sand
11. Avenues & Alleyways

The 11 Questions for My Nominees

1. Are you a tidy or messy person?
2. What makes you truly happy?
3. Do you have a secret or hidden talent?
4. What is your astrological sign? Do you read your horoscope?
5. Have you ever had anyone publicly declare their love for you?
6. What do you do when nobody’s around and you have nothing to do?
7. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you move?
8. Are you a spender or a saver?
9. Are you a heart-breaker or the heart-broken?
10. If you became a stripper, what would your new name be?
11. What colour is your underwear right now?

I hope you all enjoy your award as much as I do! Cheers and I will see you again soon! 🙂


Top 5 Things I Love About the Rain

top5Looking out my window, it seems like the sky is bathing the West Coast of Canada with glorious liquid sunshine. This morning, I awoke to yet another perfectly gloomy day here in Vancouver, and I couldn’t help but be happy about it (I know, I’m weird sometimes). So I thought I would share the top 5 things I love about the rain since I’m feeling so cheerful about it anyways. I hope you enjoy!

#5 – The luscious aroma of the rain washing the flowers. Because I live in a place with gardens all around, the smell of the flowers can be quite pungent when it rains. The scents of all the beautifully organized flowers fills the air like a natural freshener making me want to take deep, cleansing breathes over and over again.

#4 – How nature uses the rain to scrub our neighborhoods clean once again. Ever looked around on the first day after a big rain session and noticed that everything looks nicer and fresher? That’s probably because the rain has a special way of being nature’s own cleaning system. Ahhhh! Doesn’t that feel nice?

#3 – The rain can be SO romantic if you happen to catch the right moment. Caught in a sudden downpour with a lover or partner? If you’ve not planned anything important, instead of running for cover, take a minute or two to enjoy each other with the sensation of the rain showering upon you. Whether it’s misty out or even if fat droplets are pouring from the sky, kissing or playing around in the rain can be about as romantic as it gets. Take my word for it, if you haven’t already tried it, you should! Mmmmmmn.

#2 – Water brings life to everything we know. Of course, one of the most important reasons to love the rain is that without water, there would be no life. Water is an essential ingredient in sustaining our livelihood here on planet earth, so I think it should be respected and appreciated in a big way.

#1 – It’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book and a cup of joe. Is there anything better than being all snug with the rain pattering on the roof or a window nearby? Not in my books, that’s for sure! It’s my number one choice for this Top 5, and for a good reason too. The idea of catching up on my favourite romance novel and spending the day wrapped in a cozy blanket appeals on so many levels, I love it! The rain brings a sense of peace and harmony that can have you relaxing in no time. It’s no wonder I sometimes pray for a gloomy, wet day! The rain truly is ahhhhh-mazing!!!

Do you love the rain too? No matter how the weather is where you are, I hope you have a great TGIFriday and weekend ahead! Cheers all and we’ll chat again soon!


What I Love: Fridays

TGIFHappy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a great weekend coming up! 🙂

Since I didn’t share a true confession yesterday, I thought I’d kick off the weekend by letting you in on a little secret of mine: I love Fridays!!! Yes, LOL, it’s not the most risqué admission, but Fridays really are the only day where I tend to get friskier and smile just a little bit more than usual.

The excitement that most Fridays bring to me is unparalleled. It’s like a big old glass of sunshine on a cold winter day. I live to spread my enthusiasm on the last day of the week and I’m not ever going to stop, either. So there. ;p…

Anyways, smiles and giggles kicked into high gear, Fridays are the highlight of every week for me. It’s the reward I get for working so hard; a time for indulgence and play; or even just a visit with friends and some relaxing conversation. However you do it, Friday brings the relief of knowing you now have a few days off to relax and to finally take some time for yourself. Ahhhhh-mazing!

Fridays are just awesome, so TGIF all around!!! I love them with all my heart and I know I’m not alone. It’s time to celebrate!! Friday is here and it’s the best night to dress up, put your party shoes on, and let loose!! I love it so much!!!

So be beautiful and have an amazing Friday night for yourself! You deserve it, of that I’m sure. God knows I’ve read some great posts out there this week! 😉

And how will you enjoy spending your Friday evening? Do you like to dress up and get out there too? Hit me up below & we’ll chat soon. Cheers and TGIF all! 🙂


What I’m Thankful For: My Bed

ThanksI’m one of those strange people who has a very strong attachment to my bed. It’s a constant longing for, really. It’s quite odd. For some reason, I have unconciously associated my bed with my “home”, leaving me to crave it’s cottony-fresh touch at any chance I can get.

Sometimes, my bed even feels like my best friend. If I have a bad day, it wraps me up in its warmth and supports me like nothing else can. It’s the first place I’ll go when I’m giddy too, so I can roll all around with excitement and scream into my pillows until my lungs hurt.

If my bed could talk, it would tell all kinds of secrets that only an intimate partner would know. Most certainly in this day and age, a girl has got to keep hold of as much dignity as possible. A great bed will hold all your deepest secrets safe and protect you from probing inquiries as well (yea, I went there).

So thank god for my personal cloud of down; my own piece of horizontal paradise… As strange as it seems, I’d be completely lost without my bed as my home. When I need a soft landing or if there’s a secret ready to explode, it will always be the first place I turn to. And I am grateful for it.

So I have to know… Do you feel the same way about your bed? Attachment issues to another inanimate object? Let’s chat about it below.


What I’m Thankful For: My Sense of Smell

ThanksA sense of smell might seem like a strange thing to be thankful for, but when you have multiple family members with aromatic impairments, you begin to understand how lucky you really are.

Both my grandmother and my nephew have been without the sense of smell for years. My grandmother developed scent problems slowly and eventually lost them completely later in her life. My Nephew lost his at only 14 years old after being hit by a truck on a highway (very scary, but he’s doing just fine now, other than the smell thing).

Because I’m a very sense-oriented kind of person myself, I frequently put my foot in my mouth when I’m around them for saying things like, “Wow, can you smell the new coconut incense I got? It smells heavenly!” To which my nephew will usually reply with disdain, “Aunt Kimberly… I can’t smell. Remember?!?” Or my Grandmother might say, “Sorry, dear. I just can’t smell anything anymore, you know.”

I have to say that losing this particular sense would be especially tough for me. I have a keen sense when it comes to aromatics and always have. I especially love to savour pleasant smells with my eyes closed and deep breathing (I know, I can be weird sometimes – lol). This is almost like meditation to me. I find it to be a very comforting technique when used as a coping mechanism for stress.

I rely on my sense of smell for important things too, like personal safety (smelling a fire or food that may be off) and for everyday comfort (to tell if something is clean or not). To me, smell is essential to the enjoyment that I seek in life. I just cannot imagine a world where I wouldn’t be able to stop and smell the flowers, especially on the first rainy day after they bloom.

So my question to my loved ones is always the same, “If you can’t smell anything, can you taste anything then?” It’s interesting because both of them say the same thing, “Sometimes they can taste if food is stong flavoured, but most of the time it is faint and/or bland.” My nephew adds that he likes to imagine what the foods used to taste like because it makes eating more entertaining.

This all seems like such a terrible fate to me and I wish neither my grandmother or nephew had to deal with it. Both of them seem to have adjusted well and rarely complain about it, though. They’re seriously amazing. They have taught me not to take even the simplest thing for granted, which is a truly great lesson.

So this week, I’m definitely thankful for the ability to smell. Thankful that I am one of the lucky ones who can enjoy the fragrant aroma of a morning cup of coffee. Ahhhh.

What are you thankful for this week? Feel free to comment below.