Haiku Monday

haikuThe Plight of Fluffles

I fall to the ground,
because I rolled off the bed,
making a great thud.

The Plight of Myself

She demands the world,
rolling catnip fluffiness,
her Royal Porkchop.

Had to do something different today and this is what came out. Hope you enjoy my latest piece of fluff! Have a great Monday!!!

Shortlink/Permalink:  http://wp.me/p3a8Ps-3V


3 thoughts on “Haiku Monday

  1. Bed as a subject again! ? No way! (Really we know you love your bed, so why fall out?) Just teasing you! Also, the fluffy princess kitty sounds cute. Have we seen a picture or heard how she looks? Thanks for your little sweet posts to read!

    • LOL. Actually, my kitty fell out of the bed. It was pretty funny. She’s a cute fluffy Raggamuffin who’s demanding as heck, but she’s always entertaining to say the least. I haven’t posted a picture of her yet, but maybe I will soon.

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