What I Love: Stripper Sunday

StripperSundayStripper Sunday??? Ok, you caught me. There’s no such thing as Stripper Sunday. I’m sorry. I know, I know….. I’m disappointed too. It just sounded like such a great idea to me, I thought I’d try it on for size! Turns out it fits perfectly and I love it. Imagine that… [giggles]

So ok, strippers every Sunday? If it were real, I’d be all over that shit! I love strippers in the day, in the night; in the morning, when it’s bright; anytime will do, this is SO true!!! LOLz! OK, I guess I didn’t need to rhyme about it like that, did I? Sorry, I couldn’t help it. That’s how much I LOVE strippers! Does it shock you to find this out about me? [blushes]

Truth be told, under the spirited guise of a “good girl” lies a tiger in waiting; ready to pounce on any half-naked man with rock hard abs that comes my way! Rawr!!! That would be me!!! Hehehe!

Nothing is as incredible as a seductive dance performed by an experienced performer – it’s a rush, that’s for sure. My favourite part being the end of the show when the sexed up peeler has nothing left to take off and every girl in the room starts screaming and going crazy… Wah-hoo!!!!! It’s pure heaven!!!!

Now, I’ve got to give some love to the female strippers out there as well. I can’t leave the lovely ladies out of this post just because I’m a heterosexual. Hell no, that wouldn’t be fair! 😉

Working in a tanning salon / stripper consignment store in my early 20’s left me with many interesting memories of these girls and their respective acts. Believe me when I say that some of these dancers have talents well beyond anything I could ever muster… just amazing!!! [wink] So anyways, big love to these ladies as well!

No matter what your sexual preference, if Stripper Sunday did exist, I’m sure it would be paradise on Earth!!! With appreciation for the naked human body at its maximum these days, I imagine that Stripper Sunday could surpass any old TGIFriday with a vengeance.

This is why I’m now trying hard to establish Sunday as the official day for Strippers. I love them so much, I really think people should get behind me on this so we can all benefit… [wink]

Anyways, if you support my new cause, feel free to shout it out in my comments section below. If you’re not a supporter, that’s ok too. Feel free to share what turns your crank instead, I’d be interested to hear from you, too.

Cheers all! 😉

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11 thoughts on “What I Love: Stripper Sunday

  1. I reccomend getting your partner(s) to learn how to strip. When I can persuade a guy I’m with to do a little strip tease it’s always a turn on!
    EVERY DAY should be Stripper Sunday!!

    • Heck yea, they are!! I saw a female stripper put her stilletto on the roof and shook it sideways like I’ve never even thought possible. It can be quite eye-opening to say the least!

  2. I think that Stripper Saturday would be best, my old fashioned ethic says we don’t want anyone to have to work too hard on Sunday! hahaha! Plus, with a little extra fun you get to have all day to recuperate before work! Fun post, and am shocked not to see more people on board!

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