What I Love: Hello Kitty

hellokittyCan you resist the attraction of Hello Kitty? I can’t.

The very first time I held a Hello Kitty doll [created by Sanrio], I knew I was in love. Everything about this little cartooned kitty is just as adorable as can be. She is so darling and sweet; I don’t even dread the expensive price tag that usually accompanies her. I just smile and pay up happily knowing the purchase will be worth every penny. 🙂

Marketing to children and adults alike, Hello Kitty’s following is massive, loyal, and fun. Much has changed for the brand since arriving in North America in 1976. Hello Kitty isn’t just for kids anymore with an updated image and a wider range of products that appeal to a larger audience.

Modern day Hello Kitty is sold just about everywhere with all kinds of products ranging from erasers to automotive accessories to clothes and jewelry. Sanrio never ceases to amaze me with their creativity in this sense. They constantly keep me on my toes in an endless search for new and/or unusual items to treasure.

The whole process can be quite exciting when you’re a true collector like me!

So this week, I happened upon a Hello Kitty dressed in a lamb’s costume (pictured above) and I couldn’t stop myself from buying it (much to the disappointment of my boyfriend who figured I didn’t need it). The Easter themed costume on this doll was so loveable, I squealed with delight and knew instantly that she would be coming home with me. She was SO amazingly irresistible.

The truth is, I just can’t resist the temptation that is any Hello Kitty. It may seem like a crazy thing to some, but collecting her makes me smile from cheek to cheek with glee. For that alone, it’s a worthy past-time and the perfect thing for me to love. Hello Kitty rocks!!!

So what about you? What do you like to collect? Does Hello Kitty make you purr? Feel free to share about yourself below.

Hello Kitty Wiki
Sanrio Website

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5 thoughts on “What I Love: Hello Kitty

  1. I am a Hello Kitty fan and my daughter is often dressed in Hello Kitty hair accessories and clothes. When I was a girl, Barbie was my thing. I have had my eye on a pair of Hello Kitty pajamas just my size. You convinced me to get them! 🙂

  2. At Advance Auto distribution center where I work, they have dice to hang on your rearview mirror with Hello Kitty, shoulder strap covers and license plate covers, too. They go out quite often during the day! I like their cheerful look! The accessories with purses etc. seem cute but I have granddaughters right now obsessed with Lollaloopsie Dolls.I found at a dollar store Family dollar or Dollar General… $5 versions and gave the 3 girls them, too bad the only one I fooled was the 2 year old! fun stuff!

  3. Dice would be awesome! I’ve not seen that Hello Kitty before. Looked up the Lollaloopsie dolls because I hadn’t seen them and they are SO cute! Thanks for contributing! 🙂

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