What I Love: Confessions


“Confession: An acknowledgement that one has done something about which one is ashamed or embarrassed”  ~Oxford Dictionary Online

Confessions can be juicy, exciting, incredulous, or just downright delicious. Once exposed, these secrets can provoke reactions ranging from empathy to cynicism to absolute abhorrence and/or disgust. The most enticing confessions are the ones that most people can relate to but few will actually admit to. Everybody in this world has a deep dark secret to confess (don’t think you’re the only one) and for some, the need to express these feelings on a broader scale (with or without anonymity) is part of a larger healing process.

Whether you confess to a priest in a church, a best friend by your side, or a complete stranger on the internet, the urge to share our secrets is surprisingly strong. The need to be freed from the torment of repeated thoughts and to make things right can be overwhelming at times, to say the least. While I’m not exactly sure why this is, I just know it to be true for some people, myself included.

That’s why I think that the “Confessions” page from Vancouver’s The Georgia Straight is a great sounding board for all the embarrassing confessions of the world. Its format is simple, the premise is clear, and the lure of all the juicy tidbits is intoxicating. Honestly, I spend so much time checking back there for updates, I’ve thought about emailing them to request a warning about their insanely addictive properties.

Reading the often strange confessions and then the even stranger replies, you may feel like you want to laugh in hysterics, cry with anguish, or even just scream right out loud at your computer. This is definitely normal. The Georgia Straight mixes a dose of reality with a hint of anonymity creating a safe (yet opinionated) place to vent your frustrations. A place to let your secrets flow. It’s seriously awesome and addicting too. It’s the only website that I frequent so much my favourites button completely wore out at one point. [wink]

So what is it that I love today? Confessions. The website and the action itself. And both are great, in my opinion. In fact… I might just indulge in some confessions again right now…. Errmmm… gotta run, but before I go – do you like confessions too or are you someone who prefers not to indulge in juicy gossip? Feel free to spill your guts in my comment section. Cheers!

The Georgia Straight Confessions Page
The Georgia Straight Home Page
The Oxford Dictionary Definition of Confession


3 thoughts on “What I Love: Confessions

  1. i think that half the reason why I love to do my blog is that I ask people questions about their love life or relationships. They may not always answer right away but I get some interesting stories, not so much confessions. But I love confessions in movies and shows! Thanks for being there for me, girl!

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