What I Love: Cheaters

WhatILoveCheatersOk, wait, wait. Hold on just a second here. Please don’t get me wrong. When I say I love Cheaters, I’m not talking about real-life adulterous partners and all the damage and pain that can cause. I am simply admitting my secret reality TV obsession with Cheaters [created by Bobby Goldstein].

Truthfully, I believe Cheaters is one of the tackiest, sleaziest, and most morally conflicted reality shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. 🙂 And that’s actually saying a lot because, while I hate to admit it, I’m a huge (H-U-G-E) reality TV fan and have seen just about everything when it comes to the dramatic.

Interestingly, its Jerry Springer-like drama and provoked fight scenes are truly shock inducing and awe-inspiring at the same time. The show brings about strong feelings and emotions too; empathy, anger, sadness, hilarity, and delirium to name just a few. Watching really is like being mesmerized by a train-wreck or a terrifying stunt or something. The show’s jaw-dropping antics and its ability to make you feel deep compassion for the cheated on partner makes for a REAL “must see TV” experience.

So essentially, I’ve been a huge fan of this show for many years (I used to catch it at like 2am or something crazy like that) but I haven’t even thought about it in a long time. Last Friday, I happened to catch an episode of 20/20 entitled ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and during the show, they mentioned that Cheaters was going into its 13th Season. I couldn’t believe it! 13 Seasons? That’s incredible!! I wasn’t even aware that the show still existed. Damn!

Years have passed since I’ve heard anything about the show at all, so naturally I assumed it was dead. Amazingly, it looks like I was wrong. Sure enough, here they are still thriving as a brand and about as outrageous as ever. Continuing to bust in on unfaithful partners at every chance, Cheaters is still producing shows and causing drama all over Texas. Mwahahaha!

Perusing their website, I realized that it doesn’t air in Canada, so at least I had some kind of explanation as to why I’ve been deprived of this enjoyment for so long now. I gotta say, it stings just a little. Finding out about Cheaters was a very exciting development for me, so if I’m not able to catch it on TV, it looks like I’m stuck watching endless YouTube clips instead – yes I love it that much!

So now you know my secret. Watching Cheaters is my late night obsession, my guiltiest of pleasures, and my sense of revenge for all the guys who have done me wrong. It’s like candy. Unable to peel my eyes from the screen, even a fight between a deceived lover and an idiot dressed in a bumble bee costume thrills me to my core.

I must congratulate Cheaters for making it all the way to 13 seasons! I’m thinking it couldn’t have been easy for them to get this far with all the mishaps and legal troubles that they have had. It really is pretty incredible.

I will shout to the rooftops my love for you, Cheaters. Until we meet again soon…[wink]

Ever watched Cheaters yourself? Do you love it, hate it, or need to be on it? Think I’m crazy for even watching this fluff? LOL. What do you think? Feel free to comment below.

Cheaters Website
Cheaters Wiki 
Transcripts proving that I didn’t make up the bumble bee bit (it was AWESOME btw!)
20/20 on ABC

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