What I Love: Sunshine

SunshineHello Everyone! This week I decided to try something new, so I’ll be running a special series on ‘What I Love’. Each day, I plan to discuss something I love and in turn share some happiness and positivity. I hope you will all enjoy getting to know me a little better and I look forward to hearing from you as well.

For my first installment of ‘What I Love’, I had no choice but to express my feelings for Sunshine. Living in one of the rainiest cities in the world, sometimes it feels like the sun is never going to come out to brighten my day. Lucky for the city of Vancouver, I awoke this morning to a glorious ray of sunshine shining down upon me through my half-open blinds.

Because warm, spring-like days are a rarity for us this time of year, you can almost feel the mood lift. Suddenly everyone walking around is just a little bit happier, a smidge friendlier, and a whole lot more optimistic about things in general. It’s a wonderful sigh of relief for a city that usually basks in the soggy weather brought about from being a Northern Rainforest.

Today’s sunshine brings the extra vitamin D we need to replenish our moods and spirits alike. For that, I can honestly say I love and appreciate the sun more than even words can express.

So I hope you enjoy your day as much as I am, today. I’m off to get my fill of the gorgeous sun now, so until tomorrow everyone… Keep smiling! 🙂

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